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About Center of Portugal

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From nature with love

These times of social distancing bring us close to nature. Center of Portugal offers untouched landscapes, dazzling parks, a UNESCO geopark and natural reserves, endless Atlantic beaches, romantic gardens and the highest peak of the Portuguese mainland: Serra da Estrela. A place to hear the melody of humming birds. And the sheer sound of silence.

Small Towns, Great Towns

The pandemic has changed our perception of life, as well as our perception of travel. Smaller destinations can set the trend for the next years ahead. In Center of Portugal, there are plenty of welcoming small towns. They have this unique flair of cosiness and human connection. It’s all about discovering these amazing places and their rich historical heritage, mouth-watering gastronomy, dazzling natural spots and big-hearted people. Great expectations!

Slow living

We are all tired of running. Running to the office, running home, running to meet our family and friends, to pick up the kids. And we are also running out of time. Ironically, the lockdown gave us that precious asset: time. For our beloved ones, for ourselves. Time to take a deep breath and to figure life out. As soon as we start travelling again, we will like to keep it slow. In order to enjoy life to the fullest. No need to rush.

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