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From nature with love

These times of social distancing bring us close to nature. Center of Portugal offers untouched landscapes, dazzling parks, a UNESCO geopark and natural reserves, endless Atlantic beaches, romantic gardens and the highest peak of the Portuguese mainland: Serra da Estrela. A place to hear the melody of humming birds. And the sheer sound of silence. 

Chasing Stars

Serra da Estrela is so much more than mainland Portugal’s highest peak. It is a place of delightful isolation from the busy modern world. A place to go offline. A place to unplug from stress and worries. We can still hear the same old silence that our ancestors heard. A quietening landscape of glacial valleys, a magical mountain that embraces you with the most incredible natural sceneries. It’s all about wanderlust. Chasing stars and finding ourselves.

Ocean Lovers

In this Atlantic-facing country, the ocean is part of who we are. It defines the Portuguese way of being and also the way of welcoming guests from the four corners of the world. Endless white sandy beaches, as far as the eyes can reach, ideal for everyone: surfers, families, solo travellers. Away from the crowds and the hustle-bustle of the world, there are unique spots where we can only hear the soothing sound of the waves coming and going. The coastline of Center of Portugal is the perfect choice for ocean lovers, in love with the sea. And with life!

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