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Slow living

We are all tired of running. Running to the office, running home, running to meet our family and friends, to pick up the kids. And we are also running out of time. Ironically, the lockdown gave us that precious asset: time. For our beloved ones, for ourselves. Time to take a deep breath and to figure life out. As soon as we start travelling again, we will like to keep it slow. In order to enjoy life to the fullest. No need to rush. 

Schist Villages

The Schist Villages are the living proof that sustainability and tourism go hand-in-hand. Thanks to this inspiring project, 27 villages have been renewed and gained a whole new soul. Most houses were rebuilt in schist, the leitmotiv of this network of enchanting villages. Nestled in the mountains, embraced by a dazzling natural setting, the Schist Villages are now inhabited by young generations who foster economic development by creating welcoming accommodation, surprising restaurants, active tourism activities, shops, walking and biking trails, and several cultural events. Places where dark skies shine brighter, inhabited by millions of stars. The future lives here. And the view is amazing.

Mountain Villages

Charmingly nestled in Serra da Estrela Natural Park, the Mountain Villages are those eye-catching places full of soul and indisputable natural beauty. There are friendly shepherds who embellish their sheep flocks with colourful wool pompons and Christmas décors fully made of natural resources. A truly warm-hearted people proud of its traditions and common heritage. The Mountain Villages offer their visitors 14 walking routes and 4 biking trails for nature aficionados. So many reasons to get lost in the heart of nature!

Historical Villages

12 Historical Villages, whose names are so deeply entwined in the history of Portugal: Almeida, Belmonte, Castelo Mendo, Castelo Novo, Castelo Rodrigo, Idanha-a-Velha, Linhares da Beira, Marialva, Monsanto, Piódão, Sortelha and Trancoso. Places where time asks us to stand still, hearing the stories told by the overwhelming heritage. Memories made of stone, encircled by imposing castle walls, at the heart of the most inspiring natural landscapes. Welcoming natives who lead our steps in this unique discovery. The Great Route of the Historical Villages either on foot or by bike connects all 12 Historical Villages. A fantastic 600 km circular tour across these eye-catching villages. Collecting memories, while traveling in time!

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