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Small Towns, Great Towns

The pandemic has changed our perception of life, as well as our perception of travel. Smaller destinations can set the trend for the next years ahead. In Center of Portugal, there are plenty of welcoming small towns. They have this unique flair of cosiness and human connection. It’s all about discovering these amazing places and their rich historical heritage, mouth-watering gastronomy, dazzling natural spots and big-hearted people. Great expectations!  

Inner Beauty

People always say that beauty comes from the inside. The inland towns of Covilhã, Guarda and Castelo Branco state that fact. Beautiful heritage treasures, memories made of stones, streets filled of History, buildings engraved with historical marks, churches covered in blue and white tiles, breath-taking design bridges and colourful walls converted into awesome street art achievements. The past and the future hand-in-hand.

Take Me To The Sea

Along the 279 km-long Atlantic coastline of Center of Portugal there are charming towns, whose soul was inexorably shaped by the sea. Discover the unique towns of Aveiro, embraced by the charming Aveiro lagoon, near the colourful striped houses of Costa Nova beach; the picturesque fishermen’s town of Nazaré on the spotlight of the world thanks to its gigantic waves defying gravity, the welcoming Peniche where we can taste the freshest fish in Portugal or Figueira da Foz, a classical seaside resort that has preserved the flair of golden days. The ocean is only one step away. A natural blessing that gives us hope for better days ahead.

Unexpected Towns

Do you know what Coimbra, Viseu, Óbidos and Tomar have in common? All of them are a wonderful box of surprises from A to Z. Or from North to South, either if you are entering through Porto airport or all the way round from Lisbon airport.
Coimbra, once the capital of the Portuguese kingdom, owns one of the most ancient universities in Europe that belongs to the World Heritage; the flowery walled town of Óbidos is a paradise for book and chocolate lovers, listed by UNESCO as one of its world creative towns; Tomar is the most perfect testimony of the Knights Templar heritage, while the World Heritage Convent of Christ is a precious jewel of Portuguese History and Viseu is known for its quality of life, dazzling gardens and exquisite gastronomy and Dão wines! Either way, you will love them all!

Fátima: The One & Only

There is no place like Fátima. One of the most impressive Catholic sanctuaries in the world, Fátima is also a place of utter silence. A place for spiritual journeys. Of inner enlightenment. Believers and also non-believers can feel that very special energy of Fátima, embracing everyone, calling for introspection. It’s all about inner peace, after all. A place that brings us close to ourselves. And to Humanity. A silence so deep that we can hear it as far as the World Heritage Monasteries of Batalha and Alcobaça.

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